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(I TRIED TO POST THIS EARLIER BEFORE TUMBLR BROKE AND IT DIDN’T WORK. I’m so sorry this is suddenly such short notice.) 

Holy shit, season 4 is literally right around the corner so it’s time to kick back into gear with these. 

I’m going to try to make them as close to weekly as I possibly can (but I can’t really make any promises thanks to my drastically increased living expenses in the past month), so keep an eye out!

  • Someone is going to get a lacrosse hoodie
  • Any size any character
  • Shipped anywhere
  • One like/one reblog to enter, that means your name is entered twice. How neat. Please don’t spam or take advantage of this because it might break the notes and make my life a lot harder.
  • Sorry no fun tag prompts this time since I don’t have time to maintain a list. :(
  • Winners are chosen via random number generator.
  • Giveaway is over MONDAY, JUNE 23rd AT 11PM PST. 

Here’s to another exciting season!

As always, hoodies are available here


The Pack + Social Media

Dylan & Hoechlin + mirroring

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sc graphic battle #6 » kateargented vs. leeeeeex

au + gifset

The last thing Stiles Stilinski expected when he moved across the country to attend a college that offered the best scholarship, was that he would be roped into joining a co-ed a cappella group. Unfortunately for him, The Cappella Pack aren’t exactly known as champions.  Rather, they are constantly being shown up by their on campus rival, the AlphaBeats, led by the infamous(ly distracting) Derek Hale. College classes and midterms are the least of Stiles’ worries, as his priorities have been rearranged to include early morning rehearsals and riff-offs in the sketchiest of places. With an overly determined leader ready to bring everything to the table, Stiles and the rest of The Pack are on a mission. A mission to win. And if he happens to fall in love with the AlphaBeats president along the way? Well, Stiles isn’t going to complain.

             Take a step back and think about it.

                                 Are you sure you’re ready to be Pitch Slapped?

"And I solemnly promise to never have sexual relations with an AlphaBeat, or may my vocal cords be ripped out by wolves."

"Is she serious? Are you serious?"

"Look at me, Stilinski, do I look serious?"

"Can I plead the fifth? You look a lot like Lydia right now, and it’s a little scary."

Stiles, shut up!

coming soon to a computer near you

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Jun 8


this will be the first and last time I say something about this topic so listen up:
I’m so done with people’s bullshit about teen wolf, how it developed, etc etc etc like … I see so much negativity on my dashboard and it makes me really sad. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that we actually discuss the flaws of this show and how we would like to see it go into another direction, but is it really necessary to actually insult those who are in charge of this show? Pointing out things and insults are two different worlds and I think especially since we’re all so well educated on tumblr how we’re not supposed to insult other human beings, why the hell do people keep doing it? If the show actually bothers you so much that you have like zero fun at all watching it then please do yourself a favor and stop watching. I watch shows because it’s entertainment, not because I want to see crap I can complain about 24/7. Another thing is blaming the writers for everything and making stories up how they’re so unbelievably rude, racist, homophobic blah blah blah. Well, news flash you don’t know anything about them, how they think about it, simply because media is always up to one’s own perception and interpretation. There’s so much drama and invented bullshit stories and I’m so sick of it. Why can’t we just be respectful? Nothing and no one is perfect, teen wolf is no exception to that rule, but that doesn’t mean you should spread negativity all over the fandom and ruin everyone’s mood. It makes me really sad, that’s why I never said anything about it or reblog anything in that context. My life is already full of negativity, I want to enjoy this show and fandom. So please do everyone a favor and keep your bullshit to yourself. Everyone’s entitled to state their opinion, but being an asshole about it and insult people is just bullshit  

Jun 4


Hey okay cool let’s do this. All this S4 stuff has got me feeling like Leslie Knope in that episode where she gets excited and wants to breakdance. So this is me breakdancing. Figuratively. 

I’m going back to basics on this one because like…as easy as the Google Docs thing makes it for me, my favorite part of these giveaways was doings something positive like, fandom wide? So it was nice and lovely and I liked getting all your messages about things that you like about Teen Wolf and so on but it doesn’t really do much good when I’m the only person who can read it, you know? 

SO. Old school on this one. I work from home now so I have time to keep up with it. 

  • Someone is getting a lacrosse hoodie. Or a T-shirt, I guess, since it’s summer here. You get to pick.
  • Any size, any character. 
  • Shipped anywhere. 
  • TO ENTER: Like or reblog this post. That means you get two entries by default. 
  • BONUS ENTRY: Put something positive in the tags or as a comment. It can be anything really, no rules for this part. If it makes you happy it’s fair game. 
  • That means everyone gets up to THREE entries. Please no sideblogs. Don’t be be that guy. You’ll potentially break the notes and everything will be ruined. 
  • Giveaway is over on SUNDAY, JUNE 8th at 10PM PST.

As always, hoodies are here. You can see the hoodies in action in my ‘howlies’ tag as well! 


Teen Wolf AU: Youtubers (Part 1)